Survey on COVID-19 vaccination and infection in AA and PNH patients

Dear fellow AA and PNH patients,

A few months ago, some of us began to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination. Meanwhile many had their second shot – but what does this mean for us who live with Aplastic Anaemia or PNH? What is the impact of the vaccination or – if you have had COVID-19 yourself – how did this affect your health? To find out and improve care for us we would like to hear your voice!

Therefore we started a short survey which is supported by German AA/PNH specialists. We ask you to answer a few questions and to update at any time there is something to add regarding the vaccination or a COVID-19 infection, for example if you received another COVID-19 vaccination or develop further side effects.

The results of this survey will be free of charge and made available for scientific purposes only. The data are collected anonymised and protected through the European GDPR. If you would like us to send you further information or results about this survey you can leave your email address after completing the survey. This will be stored separately from your anonymous health data.

Please inform other AA/PNH patients about this survey after you completed it as the more participants we have, the better this research will be.

Thank you for your participation!