DLH member annual meeting 2020

On 7th and 8th March 2020 the annual general meeting of members (MJHV) of our umbrella association, the German Leukemia & Lymphoma Aid eV (DLH) took place in Königswinter. Since the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus only affected a manageable number of people and the district health department had not a single case, the event could be carried out as planned.

The first day was dedicated to the advanced training of the group leaders present. 4 workshops were offered:


    In the first part of the finance seminar, the main topics were the statutes, non-profit status and donations. The tax advisor Mr. Engelsing first worked through the legal requirements for a statute according to § 60 of the Tax Code (AO) with the participants, without which no tax benefits are possible. A sample articles of association/statutes can be found in Appendix 1 of the AO, but is also available from the DLH office. In this context, special aspects of non-profit status were discussed, which tax-exempt organizations have to pay attention to in order to get or keep the status of “non-profit” recognized.

    Donations for which a donation receipt (“donation receipt”) is to be issued must have been made voluntarily and without any claim to consideration. In the case of unusual or high payments, it is advisable to wait for the notification of the inheritance tax office, if necessary, to ensure that all of the above requirements are met and that a donation receipt can be issued.

    The second part of the seminar was carried out by the managing director of the German Leukaemia & Lymphoma Aid Foundation Michael Söntgen. On the one hand, he described the services DLH eV provides for its member initiatives, for example financial support as well as group liability and accident insurance for activities carried out on behalf of the member group. On the other hand, he presented the development of the DLH Foundation since it was founded in 2010. The foundation supports both the DLH eV and patients who are financially in need due to their haematological disease. It publishes the DLH brochures, organizes events under the name of Tagungsschmiede and performs numerous other tasks.



    We talked about the tasks of volunteering, which tasks all arise in volunteering.

    After that, we analyzed what tasks we did at all
    could distribute so that a single person does not have to take over all the tasks. For example, at the general meetings
    assign tasks while looking at the interests of the members.

    We revised tasks in groups and divided them up organizationally. It was very interesting to see how volunteers from different groups could put an organization together



    In the workshop led by Jessica Stoltze, the participants were presented with the usual portfolio of print materials that are important for the public relations work of a self-help group, such as flyers, leaflets, roll-ups, etc. We analyzed the potential for improvement using specific examples from the participants . The terms target group and persona as well as the unique selling point were discussed in detail.

    The highlight was the keynote lecture by FAZ reporter Tobias Rösmann followed by a discussion, in which he provided many practical tips for dealing with journalists, e.g. contact them regularly but never in the afternoon. Finally, the topics website, donation generation, search engines with SEO optimization, social media (Facebook, Twitter & Co) and giveaways were dealt with.



    In the seminar for social medicine, the Dr. med. Ulrike Holtkamp moderated, three main areas were in the foreground: applying for a severely handicapped ID card, severely handicapped people at work and protection against dismissal for severely handicapped people. The speaker was Jürgen Bieker, a proven expert in social law issues with many years of experience in dealing with severely disabled people and employers.

    In particular, ID issues were discussed in detail and vividly using a game structured like Monopoly. The application process with all those involved and various process options was then run through in a comprehensible manner. A lot of information was given as to what an applicant should pay attention to and what steps should be taken and how. The seminar participants actively participated in discussions and were able to take helpful tips from the event.


    On Sunday the actual general meeting of the association took place with the usual agenda items like report of the board, approval of the annual accounts, budget. Three board members, some of whom have been with us for many years, were duly bid farewell: Peter Gomolzig as chairman, Heinz Siemon as treasurer and Jan Lüneberg as assessor. Then there were new elections. Rainer Göbel was elected as the new chairman and Ralf Rambach is the new treasurer. Annette Hünefeld was re-elected as deputy chairwoman as well as Holger Bassarek as secretary, Doris Lenz as representative for public relations and Klaus-Werner Mahlfeld as assessor. W.-Andreas Lamm and Sabine Praß are new members of the committee.