Patients with stem cell transplants: study on sport and exercise

Heidelberg University is currently carrying out a research project in collaboration with the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT): Patients who have received a stem cell transplant are asked about their attitudes towards physical activity. Specifically, the aim is to determine how patients feel about physical activity during and after a stem cell transplant, how they perceive it and how well they feel advised in this regard. Above all, questions are asked about the situation before the start of the pandemic, when sport and exercise were perhaps easier and more diverse.

As an association, we would like to support this study, because its aim is to adapt the offers of help and information materials on the subject of “Sport and exercise in stem cell therapy” more specifically to the wishes and needs of the patients.

Stem cell therapy is also playing an increasingly important role among AA patients. Therefore, if you have received a stem cell transplant, we would like to encourage you to take the online survey. By answering the questions, you automatically take part in a competition. It takes about twenty minutes to fill out the questionnaire. You can find the link here:

COHRACT study by Heidelberg University

A similar study deals with the same topic but turns to your loved ones. If you want, please share the link with them: – there is also something to be won here.

Of course, in both studies your data or those of your relatives will be treated confidentially, your answers will be anonymized and no data will be passed on to third parties. Enjoy and good luck)!