Introducing our addition to social media

Dear readers,

Since February 2021 I have been able to support the team of the Aplastic Anemia & PNH eV association in their work and would like to introduce myself to you below. My name is Katharina von Villiez and I am 25 years old. I have been studying medicine at the Charité, the university hospital in Berlin, since spring 2015 and am currently preparing for my written state examination.

The complexity and complexity of hematological diseases piqued my interest during my studies. In the hospital I got to know patients who suffer from various diseases of the blood, bone marrow or lymph glands and was able to gain insights into their individual stories, suffering and rays of light. For a month now I have had the opportunity to deal with this more intensively at the AA & PNH eV association: One of my tasks here is to write articles on important (current) topics on the association’s website, especially with the association’s chairwoman Ulrike Göbel. I also help with looking after the club’s social media channels and with office work.

Beyond hematology, I’m very interested in psychiatry – I’m currently writing my doctoral thesis, which deals with the opportunities and challenges of internet-based therapy methods for patients with depression. As you may notice, it is (still) difficult for me to decide on a subject in which I would like to specialize later: There are so many interesting fields, but I will certainly be able to gain further valuable experience in the upcoming practice-oriented final year of study .

Accordingly, medicine plays a major role in my life, but around it there is also a little time for other things: I prefer to spend time with my friends (since the beginning of the pandemic, of course, mainly outdoors or during video calls), play guitar, do sports, cook or do something artisanal and creative.

I look forward to the upcoming tasks in the association work and of course especially to your questions or feedback on the articles on the homepage!

A warm greeting, Katharina