A few weeks ago, vaccinations against the SARS-CoV-2 virus began in Germany. As announced in our February virtual group meeting, the Ulm University Hospital, as one of the most important AA/PNH centres in Germany, has now published a recommendation letter (German) on this topic. If you need assistance with details contained in the recommendation letter please email us at info(at) or give us a call: +49 30 549094080.

We briefly summarise the most important contents for you below:

The Ulm University Hospital’s vaccination advice letter for AA/PNH patients is based on the current recommendations of the Ständige Impfkommission (STIKO) of the Robert Koch Institute, previous studies on the approved vaccines, and the Ulm AA/PNH Centre’s experience with COVID-19 vaccinations.

I. For PNH patients receiving eculizumab/ravulizumab therapy, the COVID-19 vaccination does not represent an increased risk compared to other vaccinations and is therefore recommended. The first vaccination should be given as close after eculizumab/ravulizumab administration as possible. After the vaccination, some blood values (haemolysis parameters and antibody titres) should be checked in order to allow swift reaction in the event of a haemolytic crisis and to check the success of the vaccination.

II. For PNH patients without eculizumab/ravulizumab therapy, recommendations from the Ulm University Hospital are still being developed.

III. For AA patients, COVID-19 vaccination carries a lower risk than COVID-19 infection – however, an individual risk assessment (current therapy, immune status, etc.) must be carried out before vaccination. Vaccination is also recommended for patients on ciclosporin therapy.

Vaccination is also recommended for patients on ciclosporin therapy. Based on previous surveys on COVID-19 mortality, the STIKO sees the greatest risk for people of advanced age. Accordingly, only this group has been vaccinated with the highest priority so far (CoronaImpfV §3).

We will notify you about further changes.