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Patients with stem cell transplants: study on sport and exercise

Heidelberg University is currently carrying out a research project in collaboration with the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT): Patients who have received a stem cell transplant are asked about their attitudes towards physical activity. Specifically, the aim is to determine how patients feel about physical activity during and after a stem cell transplant, how they perceive it and how well they feel advised in this regard. Above all, questions are asked about the situation before the start of the pandemic, when sport and exercise were perhaps easier and more diverse. As an association, we would like to support this study, because its aim is to adapt the offers of help and information materials on the subject of "Sport and exercise in stem cell therapy" more specifically to the wishes and needs of the patients. WEITER


A few weeks ago, vaccinations against the SARS-CoV-2 virus began in Germany. As announced in our February virtual group meeting, the Ulm University Hospital, as one of the most important AA/PNH centres in Germany, has now published a recommendation letter (German) on this topic. If you need assistance with details contained in the recommendation letter please email us at info(at)aa-pnh.org or give us a call: +49 30 549094080. We briefly summarise the most important contents for you below:WEITER

Virtual meetings

Due to the risks of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic we do not meet face-to-face until further notice. However we want to keep in touch with you and offer virtual meetings in German every third Thursday of the month at 7 pm. New participants are welcome to join! The number of participants is limited, therefore please register by sending us an email to info@aa-pnh.org.

You will receive the login details afterwards. We look forward to meeting you!

Privacy comment: We use Microsoft Teams for our virtual meetings which does not fully comply with the GDPR. As with all US-based applications, it may be that some of the participants' personal data is transferred beyond the legal boundaries of the European Union.

Pandemic Impact Survey on AA / PNH Patients

In July / August 2020, under the leadership of Priv.-Doz. Dr. Fabian Beier started the first round of a survey to record the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on AA and PNH patients in Germany. The focus was on the availability of information on COVID-19 and delays in treatments. We were very pleased that the lichterzellen foundation and our association were included in the design of the survey.
The evaluation of the first round of questions showed that around 20% of the respondents had little or no access toWEITER


In Germany, Ravulizumab is now available in a more concentrated formulation (100 mg/ml compared to 10 mg/ml previously). The new formulation significantly shortens the infusion time while maintaining safety and efficacy. Previously, the infusion took at least two hours, but with the new formulation it will be about 60% faster on average, depending on the dose and weight of the patient. It became available as an infusion in Germany on 5 January 2021.

first virtual AA/PNH meeting took place on 19 November 2020

On Thursdy last week, we had our first virtual meeting. From all over Germany, they took the chance to talk to others.

All in all, eight people from all over Germany attended. Those patients who had no chance to meet others face-to-face took the chance to chat virtually during the meeting which lasted 2 and a half hours. It was a successful event, which we would like to continue until a personal meeting is possible again.

The next virtual meeting will be on 17 December 2020. We look forward to meeting you 😊

EMAA trial

EMAA trail for patients with moderate Aplastic Anaemia Adult patients with acquired moderate Aplastic Anaemia (mAA) who have not received a specific treatment for their mAA may be included in the EMAA trial of Ulm University (Eltrombopag in Moderate Aplastic Anaemia). They receive either ciclosporin and eltrombopag or ciclosporin and a placebo. The aim of the trial is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the combination therapy of ciclosporin and eltrombopag. Patients with or without prior transfusions can be included.

Results of RACE trial

The EBMT (European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation) conducts the RACE clinical trial to evaluate the combined therapy of equine ATG, ciclosporin and eltrombopag in patients with severe or very severe Aplastic Anaemia. "RACE" means "A prospective Randomized multicenter study comparing horse Antithymocyte globuline (hATG) + Cyclosporine A (CsA) with or without Eltrombopag as front-line therapy for severe aplastic anemia patients". Results of the trial (in the Netherlands by way of example) show good response rates in the patients who received all three medicines. In Germany, the trial must not be conducted because of missing admissions. However, we consider it to be important to watch the trial data in order to use it ind admission discussions with authorities.

Study on family planning after transplantation

Cutout poster study family planning after transplant The Hannover Medical School (MHH) would like to shed light on the subjects of having children, family planning and pregnancy after transplantation as part of a study. The aim is to improve the care of transplant patients. If you have had a transplant and are between 18 and 45 years old, you can take part under the following link and contribute your wishes, thoughts and suggestions: https://ww2.unipark.de/uc/familienplanungTX/ The survey takes 15-20 minutes.

Further information (PDF, 1 MB)

Survey by the Aachen University Hospital on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for AA / PNH patients

Since the current COVID-19 pandemic creates a lot of unrest and new questions arise every day, the University Clinic Aachen, under the direction of Priv.-Doz. Dr. Fabian Beier developed a survey (so-called Soci-Survey). In doing so, the clinic would also like to meet the wishes of many patients to collect and evaluate data on the current COVID-19 situation in order to learn about the effects of the pandemic on personal life and medical care as well as knowledge of its course and frequency of COVID-19 especially in patients with PNH and / or AA or dyskeratosis congenita (DKC).WEITER